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Oil From BP Spill Uncovered By Isaac’s Waves

By CAIN BURDEAU and JAY REEVES Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Waves from Hurricane Isaac uncovered oil previously buried along Gulf Coast beaches, exposing crude that wasn’t cleaned up after the BP spill in 2010.

Since Isaac made landfall more than a week ago, the water the storm has receded and tar balls and oil have been reported on shores in Alabama and Louisiana, where officials closed a 13-mile stretch of beach Tuesday.

BP said Wednesday some of that oil was from the spill, but said some of the crude may be from other sources, too.

“If there’s something good about this storm it made it visible where we can clean it up,” BP spokesman Ray Melick said.

BP still has hundreds of cleanup workers on the Gulf Coast after the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded, killing 11 workers and leading to the nation’s largest offshore spill.

Melick said the company was working with the Coast Guard, state officials and land managers to clean up the oil on the Fourchon beach in Louisiana. He said crews would be there Thursday.

Isaac made landfall near Fourchon on Aug. 28 as a Category 1 storm, pummeling the coast with waves, wind and rain. Seven people were killed in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Ed Overton, a chemist and oil spill expert at Louisiana State University, said the exposed oil was weathered and less toxic, though it could still harm animals — such as crabs, crawfish and bait fish.

He said the storm helped speed up natural processes that break down oil and it might take several more storms to stir up the rest of the oil buried along the coast.

“We don’t like to say it, but hurricanes are Mother Nature’s way of taking a bath,” he said.

The reappearance of oil frustrated state officials.

Garret Graves, a top coastal aide to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, accused BP of not being aggressive enough with its initial cleanup.

“If they would put just a fraction of the dollars they’re putting into their PR campaign into cleanup, we’d certainly be much farther ahead than we are now,” he said.

BP has spent millions of dollars on its public relations campaign, but the company has not said exactly how much it has invested. Its cleanup and response costs over the last two years were more than $14 billion and more than 66 million man-hours have gone to protect and treat the Gulf shoreline, the company has said.

BP also gave $1 million to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army to help victims of Isaac.

Along the oiled Fourchon beach, officials restricted fishing in waters extending one mile offshore. The state Wildlife and Fisheries Department said there was a large mat of tar on one beach and concentrations of tar balls on nearby shores.

In Alabama, officials said the tar was more of an unsightly nuisance than a health hazard, describing globs as ranging in size from a dime to a half dollar coin.

“There are areas where there are significant deposits,” said Phillip West, coastal resources manager in Orange Beach, Ala.

Samples from both states were being tested to determine whether the tar was from BP’s Macondo well.

The Alabama cities believe the tar hitting their white-sand beaches was breaking off large, submerged mats from the spill.

“I do believe we are going to be dealing with this for years,” said Grant Brown, a spokesman for the city of Gulf Shores, Ala.

The areas where workers found tar after the storm were some of the same places the heaviest oil deposits occurred during the spill.

In Mississippi, officials have so far spotted only about a couple dozen tar balls on beaches. Most have turned out to be reddish-brown bacteria, which commonly washes ashore after storms.

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Must Watch: Black and Sexy TV

The internet has undoubtedly become one of the most popular outlets for entertainment. Since television is gradually offering less and less positive and worthy programs, the web can be a good alternative for stimulation. As many of us already know, YouTube can be a great place to see fresh and original content from creative new artists.

A channel I recently discovered is called Black and Sexy TV. This vibrant channel contains a cool variety of different web series and airs their mini-sodes weekly. The shows are geared towards young Black people and contain themes that the community can relate to such as relationships, romance, and of course sex. One of the channel’s breakout series called The Number features an engaged couple, Melissa and Jason. In the premier episode the two decide to reveal to each other their total number of past sexual partners. The rest of the series follows how the shocking results affect the couple, their families, and love lives.

Then there is The Couple. This particular show highlights the adventures of another young Black couple as they get through each day of being in a relationship. This series shows that relationships can involve adjusting to your partners annoying habits while living together as well as sharing fun and loving times together. Other shows featured on this channel are Hang Up and That Guy! This hip new channel was made by the creators of the 2008 film A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy, written and directed by Dennis Dortch.

Though the mini-sodes offered on Black and Sexy TV run just minutes long, the shows are indeed hilarious and thought provoking. And YouTube certainly allows for the audience to engage in feedback and interaction through the comments section. If you look closely you’ll notice that the characters of Black and Sexy TV may even respond to comments! Though new episodes are aired on a weekly basis, the great thing about YouTube is that viewers can always go back and revisit the episodes at any time. And there are even more series in the works for this fresh, fun channel.

Web shows are becoming very popular on Youtube these days. You may have even heard of theAwkward Black Girl series that has blown up within the past year. The creator Issa Rae does a phenomenal job. Rae can even be spotted as a character in one of the Black and Sexy TV series and is also involved with production of this channel’s shows! It’s definitely exciting to know about this new platform for Black entertainment.

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Check out the first three mini-episodes of “The Couple”  and the first episode of Black&Sexy TV’s other webseries: “The Number.”



Tuning In

Read: John 10:1-10

I don’t know if this is true in every marriage, but for some reason I have a tendency to tune out everything around me and concentrate on my own thoughts. This is especially frustrating to my wife, Martie, when she is talking to me about something important. When she notices the distant look in my eyes, she often says, “Have you heard anything I’ve said?”

Listening is an important part of any relationship, especially in our relationship with Christ. If we belong to Him, we have the privilege of communing with Him through His Word and the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. We know we are paying attention to the true Shepherd when His voice leads us to righteousness, love, grace, and all that is consistent with His character and will. As Jesus made clear when He identified Himself as the “good Shepherd” in John 10, those who diligently listen to Him become devoted followers of Him (v.4) who are becoming transformed into His likeness.

Just as listening attentively to your spouse or a friend communicates value and worth, paying close attention to the voice of Jesus is one way to affirm His importance in your life. So, let’s cast aside the distractions of life, tune in to His voice, and pray for the grace to do what He says.

I would be prayerful through each busy moment;
I would be constantly in touch with God;
I would be tuned to hear His slightest whisper;
I would have faith to keep the path Christ trod. —Walter
Listening to Jesus is the first step to following Him.

Growing Your Faith

Today’s Scripture:

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. – Romans 10:17, NKJV.

Today’s Word:

Do you desire to have more faith? Scripture tells us that faith can grow and increase. Notice that today’s scripture doesn’t say, “Faith comes by having heard the Word of God one time.” It says that faith comes by hearing—in the present tense. We have to hear the Word of God over and over again in order for it to take root in our hearts and transform our minds. Sure, God’s Word can transform us in an instant, but most of the time, our faith grows as we hear the Word of God again and again.

Just as a seed needs water daily to grow, your spirit needs the Word of God daily. The more you hear God’s Word, the more you know Him. The more you know Him, the more you will be able to believe Him—and that’s what faith is!

Today, why don’t you choose a few scriptures to meditate on? Write them down and carry them in your purse or wallet. Let that truth sink down into your soul. Let the truth of the Word transform you and move you forward into the abundant life God has prepared for you!

Prayer for Today:

Father in heaven, thank You for Your Word that is living and active and growing in my life. I submit myself to You today and ask You to teach me Your ways. Give me insight into Your Word so that I may know You more in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Celebrate Others

Today’s Scripture:

Rejoice with those who rejoice… – Romans 12:15, NKJV.

Today’s Word:

When a friend or family member succeeds, gets promoted, or experiences an unexpected break in life, how do you respond?

Some people wonder, “What about me?” Others criticize or say, “It won’t last long.” But really, the way you respond to other’s success will determine the level of your own success. Whether you respond in a negative or positive way, you are sowing seeds for your future. That’s why scripture tells us simply to “rejoice with those who rejoice.” God wants you to be successful. His commands are for your good. He doesn’t want jealousy or strife to enter your life or rob you of His blessing.

Today, make it a point to find someone who is celebrating and celebrate with them. Congratulate them on their success no matter how small it seems in the natural. Rejoice with those who rejoice, sow seeds of blessing, and open the door for victory in your own life in return!

Prayer for Today:

Father, thank You for Your hand of blessing not only on my life but on the lives of the people around me. I choose to rejoice in You, and I choose to rejoice over Your victory everywhere I go in Jesus’ name! Amen!

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