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Year Of The Fab … Goes PINK!


I want to start off by thanking you for everything that you have done for me. I know that this past year wasn’t the easiest, but we both survived your journey back to a healthy you. When you were first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was shell shocked. It totally took me by surprise. No one, especially you deserved this. As I sat on my bedroom floor I cried for hours. I felt horrible because I was suppose to be strong for you at that moment and I couldn’t be.

– And then things got harder … As if that was even possible. The back and forth trips from Florida to Alabama. The countless days and hours at the cancer center. The frequent doctor checkups. The sickness and side effects of the chemo that took a toll on your body. The senseless fights with family because they weren’t willing to help because they had they own life to live. And to this day, I never understood how they could turn you down after all you have done for them. But we made it through everything. All the crying. All the pain. All the “I can’t do this anymore.”

– You fought! And you fought HARD! It all paid off in the end. You Won! I want to thank you for being an awesome mom. For being a true inspiration and example of what strength looks like. You Are A Fighter. A Survivor. But Most Importantly You Are My Mom. I’m so happy you are still around. Love You Much πŸ’œ Your Baby Girl

Today, I have the pleasure of announcing to you that Auburn University will honor and celebrate my mom at their annual All In, All Pink luncheon. She will also be sharing her testiment story on being a Breast Cancer Survivor. To read my mom’s full bio and information about the event please visitΒ All In, All Pink


My New Found Self Love Is Not Vanity …

Just yesterday I was told that I was vain. Wait, What? VAIN … I’m the least vain person on this planet! All of a sudden I was stricken with sadness because at that very moment they didn’t know my hidden struggle. My struggle of loving me just the way I was. My struggle of self acceptance. My struggle of being insecure. My struggle of feeling beautiful and pretty. 

For the past year I have truly been working hard to overcome these insecurities and even though I am slowly evolving to really believe that my black is beautiful, 70% of the time I am not happy with myself. I wished I looked different. I often wonder what people thoughts are after I enter into a room. But through it all daily I remind myself that God has not giving me a spirit of fear. He has made me beautiful in His sight. I Love me and my new found self love for myself is just that, LOVE … Not Vanity! πŸ’‹

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Giveaway Winner πŸ†

Thank You to all who participated in the Get Fab Workout Challenge. And even though the month of September has come and gone Don’t Stop … Keep Pushing Towards Your Goal!

And without further a do
The Winner Of The Giveaway Is ….. 

Tiffiney Yvette (@cinnaberri)


Tiffiney please inbox me your information so your prize pack can be mailed to you. Thank You All Once Again.
~ Lady Fab πŸ’‹