God Can Restore Whatever You Lost

Dear Friend,

Have you ever lost something of importance only to find it again later? –a wedding band, a watch, a photograph, an heirloom?

If you have, you know the jubilation that floods your heart when what was lost is restored to you.

Today, I want to share this good guarantee:
God wants to restore the thing you thought was lost in your life. 

I’m not just talking about objects and possessions. God wants to restore the everlasting: your relationships, dreams, career, even your faith.

This happened to Jacob; day after day, he felt the sting of loss due to his own deceptive ways, and he thought like many of us that those things would never be restored. Jacob is cemented in scripture among the patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But he got there through deception and manipulation.

If you’ve ever experienced broken relationships, disappointing outcomes, moral failures, an identity crisis, the loss of a dream, or a divided family, I want you to LOOK UP!

Jacob dealt with all this and more, and God restored him.

Now it’s time for your Jacob moment . . .
If you need something restored today,
I want you to let these words sink into your spirit:
“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
My help cometh from the Lord . . .” (Psalm 121:1-2)

Twenty years went by after Jacob ran from his family to avoid the wrath of his twin brother. He was no longer the young trickster, and now he wrestled his own conscience. He wrestled the what-ifs of life. And ultimately, he wrestled God.

Some of you are wrestling with God right now, “Lord, when is my past going to stop influencing my present? Are you big enough to give me back what I’ve lost? Because I’ve tried it in my own strength, and it’s not working!”

One touch from God in your life can change everything. He can do more in one moment than you can do in 20 years.
One touch from God will bring healing.
One touch from God will repair broken places.
One touch from God will restore dreams.
One touch from God will reach your child.

One touch from God is all it takes. LOOK UP . . .


About Lady Fab

Hello & Welcome to My Life In The FAB Lane! First and foremost my name is Tameca; FABulously known as Lady Fab. With a new vision and outlook on life … I have discovered the true meaning of being FREE and loving & accepting the person that God has made me to be … so much so that I have decided to document my life through blog. So buckle your seatbealts & come along for ride, as I take you into a glimpse of what it is really like Being Lady Fab. And Always remember a Lady should always be two things … Classy and FABULOUS! ~ Lady Fab

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  1. mary e. jones-knight

    Just today, I lost my cell phone and the jubilant feeling I felt when founded. But more importantly, being connected to God’s words will always keep me restored.

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