Going Natural—Everyone’s Doing It

For the NaturallyCurly bunch, going natural is something many have worked for and many have achieved. For the rest of the population, it’s an up and coming trend to look for. Numerous studies have shown that 65% of the world is naturally curly, but should embracing that texture really be something that we consider a trend?

Going natural can be a long process that takes many months to get adjusted to. It’s a big decision for many people, especially for the women who are worried about what the men in their life will think of their new ‘do.

So what’s the rave about going natural? “Glamour” magazine did a recent article about the benefits of going natural and it has generated a lot of natural buzz.

You’ll Cut Back On Trips To The Salon

The less heat you are applying to your hair, the less you need to go to the salon to get your ends trimmed. If you are a curly who goes for a routine color, you can also cut back on how many times you go in for a touch up. Keeping your hair curly helps to hide roots that are peeking through because of the lift you have throughout your hair. What’s the newest way to save money dedicated to salon trips? Go natural!

Styling Is Fast

Curlies are often told that they have it easy because being natural doesn’t require much work. While we all know that isn’t true, for myself, styling is much quicker. I don’t depend on a hair dryer or straightener any longer. All I really need are my fingers for scrunching and a microfiber towel. My two styling tools are extremely simple and especially cheap. Going natural means you can take all of those styling tools out of the bathroom to make room for your new product!

Going Natural Is Better For The Environment

No, really! I knew being natural was much better for my hair, but who knew that it actually improves the environment? If you pass on the blow dryer every day for two years, you have basically planted a tree! Two years might seem like a long time, but if you typically blow-dry for 30 minutes consider it only taking one year.

Many celebrities have been rocking their natural looks at red carpet events lately, making going natural look like a new trend. While it is awesome that so many people are going natural and sporting curly ‘dos, don’t let the idea that this is a new trend fool you.

Going natural is a commitment. You have to decide that showing off the real you is exactly what you want to do, because it is no easy task. You will spend lots of time on trial and error simply because you have no idea what ingredients your hair really loves.

Deciding to go natural is more like a lifestyle change, but once you decide to flaunt what you’ve been given, you will never go back! It will be exhilarating and the first time you get a compliment on your natural hair, you will be on cloud 9 and remember why you did this in the first place.

Need some help deciding if going natural is right for you? Check out these transitioning blogs to see the struggles other women are going through during their decisions, as well as how they are overcoming them.

Source: Naturally Curly


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