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How To Glow With Inner Beauty

By: Jennifer E. Jones, the Inspiration Editor for Beliefnet.

You Have A Beautiful Spirit

Listen to the conversations that surround you. Someone right now is complaining about their thighs or wishing their stomach was smaller. It’s easy to focus on the outside, but what about the inside? How does one feel beautiful from within? These five spiritual tips will help you radiate happiness

Make Room For Peace And Quiet

How else will you find your inner beauty if you don’t spend any time looking inward? Make a moment for peace and quiet a priority in your life. Just five minutes a day of meditation or quiet reflection is enough to have you feeling refreshed and spiritually alive

Go On A Fear Diet

We spend so much time feeding our fears. We let our inner voice tell us that the worst case scenario is right around the corner. Start finding inner beauty by starving your fear. Resist the urge to respond to uncomfortable situations by being afraid. Silence both the inner and outer voices that want you to be fearful. The more you starve your tendency to fear, the less you’ll move towards it in the future.

Feed Your Faith

This applies to everyone whether you’re religious or not. Surround yourself with things that help you believe in goodness! Read books that remind you that happy endings and miracles are real and happen every day. Spend more time with your friends who encourage and support you.

Let Kindness Be Your Guide

The world has enough angry, bitter people in it. Be a person who smiles and says hello to strangers. Brighten someone’s day with a card or flowers. Let someone else in front of you in line at the grocery store. Opportunities for random acts of kindness are all around you. Take advantage.


If you’re holding a grudge or grievance against someone, let it go. Write them a letter that expresses your hurt and frustration and then tear that letter up. It’s a way of physically releasing someone from their crime and spiritually freeing yourself from the burden of being angry at the same time. Take a moment afterwards to reflect on that person as a fallible human being just like you are— prone to make mistakes and in need of grace. It will help you see him or her through the eyes of God.

Author and Spirit Junkie Gabrielle Bernstein often says, “Forgiveness offers everything I want.” When you forgive and release bitterness towards others, you then open up your life to receive freedom and happiness.

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